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Airoblock (Wuxi) Airconditioning Co., Ltd. has its headquarters Jiangsu, China.

Over the last 10 years, the company has expanded its production and assembly experience, specifically with respect to brine and air-water heat pumps.

Airoblock Deutschland

Airoblock places high priority on products that save energy and protect the environment. 

The outstanding combination of German standards and quality controls make Airoblock and its products highly competitive in all markets. 


The company's history started in 1991 with building technology and plant construction.
The business segments were the manufacture of plastic windows and heating and sanitary installations.
In 1995, the two business segments were spun off into independent companies.
Starting in 2000, a group of master craftsmen and engineers focused on the market for renewable energies. Product developments for these applications were started in parallel to the installation ‚Äď initial equipment was fabricated in cooperation. As the product line continued to develop, the demand for high-end equipment began to grow.
Starting in 2009, the first equipment was manufactured in China. By now, the entire manufacturing process is in place under German leadership. Quality control and product development are coordinated by German engineers in cooperation with the Chinese factory. Our objective is to position the company as a developer and manufacturer of high-end heat pumps.


Corporate Culture

Airoblock has set the objective of addressing the market with high-end products that have an appropriate price-performance relationship. This objective is supported by quality awareness in combination with our commitment to the latest technologies. Our central theme is to develop affordable quality products that can provide reliable service to our customers over many years.
Together with our partners, our efforts are directed toward giving customers confidence in our capabilities.

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