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The latest generation of our air–water heat pumps are based on our experience as heat pump manufacturers – Series ALW corresponds to the latest state-of-the-art It represents the modern approach to saving energy and costs.

ALW/S Heat Pump

With its new control unit, Series ALW works intelligently according to your needs. Series ALW facilitates the simultaneous use of hot water and heater, while also supporting the use of the air conditioner and hot water during summer.

 Product Features

Integrated 180 L hot water tank

Superquiet Owl wing Fan with EC-Technology

Electronic expansion valve

Large LED operator panel

Scroll compressor (EVI compressor)

Timer function

With soft start feature

9kw supplemental electrical heater

Integrated circulating pump

Exterior sensor for heater temperature compensation

With active cooling

Water temperatures up to 65° C

Low noise outside unit

Automatic deicing

GSM remote control (optional)

220V alternating current

 Technical Data Sheets

ALW/S **N3  |  ALW/S **N3W

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