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Energy saving plays a key role in the development of new Airoblock products. That is why we utilize components like energy efficient pumps, energy saving EC ventilators, electronic expansion valves and compressors with the highest efficiency. 

We achieve better energy saving and performance results by using larger heat exchange surfaces and hand-picked components. We use brand-name components by leading European manufacturer, making our products state-of-the-art. Maximum energy efficiency and lowest noise output ​​are outstanding features of our products.

And now we would like to introduce you to the technologies that help us develop innovative products.

Blitzer       Bitzer screw compressors

SchraubenkompressorGerman made, advanced screw compressors ensure reliable operation for  many years in large-scale heat pumps for commercial use. Bitzer has asserted a leading role in the production of these compressors.
Made in Germany

Ziehl   Ventilators and evaporators

The patented gold-standard ventilator from Ziehl-Abegg is modeled after nature: the owl – the world's quietest bird.


Thanks to this technology, our air-water heat pumps are among the equipment with the lowest noise levels. Large scale evaporatos with large fin clearances allow the ventilator to operate at low RPMs, which drastically reduces noise. Small exterior units have close fin clearances but need high ventilator RPMs in order to provide the required airflow volume, resulting in high noise levels. 

Our Series ALW is partially able to attain noise levels of less than 35 dB at a 1 m distance.
The large fin clearances reduce the number of de-icing cycles. This is particularly beneficial at near freezing temperatures and high ambient humidity, since this is when most icing occurs.


Evaporator icing is greatest under these conditions.

Made in Germany

Siemens   Siemens

Innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how from Siemens are used in large-scale cooling and heating applications.

The universal concept allows the controller to be configured for almost any application (heating, cooling, hot water heating, one heating loop, several heating loops, cascade circuits, solar integration, etc.)

Made in Germany

Carel Regelungstechnik  
Carel Controls

The number 1 in control technology for cooling applications has many years of tradition and experience. Many highly regarded manufacturers rely on the proven control technology made by Carel.

Carel Regelung
Using software specifically developed in-house, we developed the ideal control characteristics in multi-year field tests, which we then updated with new functions. English or German are available as language options

User functions: 
-Automatic-Winter (Hot water priority followed by heating)
-Automatic-Summer (Hot water priority followed by cooling)
-Electrical mode 
-Heating mode
-Cooling mode
-Hot water mode
-Vacation mode

By selecting the heating function, the customer can determine the feed temperature as a function of the outside temperature - the same applies to the cooling operation.
In the event of a malfunction, the customer can use electrical mode to bridge the time until the technician arrives.
This option can also be set so that electrical mode is automatically activated when the cooling equipment fails, therefore providing frost protection. This can be important when the user is absent and the equipment fails.
This function avoids frost damage during equipment failures.

Menu controls:
The following menus are available:

Heating menu
Hot water menu
Cooling menu
Service menu
Heat pump menu
Information menu
Manufacturer menu

Service with Carel control technology
From the service menu, a trained installation technician can test all component functions, such as the compressor, circulating pump, ventilator, switching valve, four-way valve, heating rod.
Using the on-board fault memory, malfunctions can be easily read. The system can be monitored remotely by using a web card.

Energy savings with electronic E2V expansion valve technology from Carel
The broad working range with variable pressure differential and high control accuracy provided by the E2V technology result in significant energy savings and extremely short payback periods

In commercial cooling applications, E2V in combination with a modulating condensation pressure resulted in annual consumption reductions of 15%, with seasonal peak values of up to 30%. Comparable results can be achieved in all cooling applications for the whole year.

Made in Italy

Copeland Emerson   Copeland EVI Compressors
Rugged scroll compressors made by Copeland are the heart of our heat pumps
 EVI Kompressor
We use the latest generation, which is equipped with a supplemental injection based on EVI technology. With the help of this technology, air-water heat pumps can achieve high performance values and feed temperatures even at extremely low outside temperatures of -25 °C. Many products available in the market have already exceeded their performance limits at -15°C. EVI technology is therefore particularly suited for cold European regions. When properly configured, the use of an electrical supplemental heating element can be omitted. It is used strictly for emergency use.


We were able to gather these experiences in the cold regions of northern Canada.


The use of an air-water pump is a challenge under these extreme conditions and represents a litmus test that is more realistic than any test stand.

Made in USA

Wilo   Wilo

The history of tradition steeped Wilo dates back to 1872.

Wilo PumpeToday, Wilo Group is one of the leading manufacturers for pump technology. Significant savings can be achieved by developing particularly energy-efficient pumps that adapt to the heating needs of the building.

The energy consumption of conventional pumps in heating installations is significantly higher compared to the use of energy efficient pumps – power consumption can be greatly reduced.

Made in Germany

Honeywell Honeywell

Honeywell Umschaltventil More than 6500 employees at tradition-steeped Honeywell supply us with German-made quality fittings for our systems. Over the course of many years, a switching valve needs to complete an untold number of switching cycles.

In order to avoid costly and elaborate repair work, we rely on the component longevity provided by Honeywell.

Made in Germany

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