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What is Quality?

Airoblock Qualit√§t      German quality has a name: ‚ÄěAiroblock‚Äú.

All production processes are subject to strict quality controls based on German production standards. This starts with inspection of all materials used. Only one hundred percent flawless materials and components are approved for utilization. High-quality powder coatings as well as the use of materials such as stainless steel ensure that our products are protected against environmental influences for many years. All important quality checks are carried out twice on the four-eyes principle. Review by independent employees helps us to avoid nearly all mistakes. A final inspection with extensive functional tests prior to delivery ensures a consistently high quality.


Airoblock Garantie
In combination with a maintenance agreement, we offer a 3 or 5 years extended warranty. The maintenance scope includes annual leakage testing of the system, functional tests of all relevant components, inspection of all electrical connections, leakage testing of water connections, and cleaning of the exterior evaporator in air systems.


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