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The latest generation of ASW heat pumps is economical and reliable. It is rated for a heat output of 6-20KW and attains a maximum heat output of 29KW.

ASW Geothermiepumpe

By extracting natural geothermal heat, the ASW Series output creates effective heat of 35°C at a base temperature of 0°C, which corresponds to a performance coefficient of 4.6 to 5 COP. Series ASW is an efficient and modern method for saving energy – you can achieve energy savings of up to 75%.

 Product Features

•   Large LED operator panel
•   Scroll compressor
•   With soft start feature
•   9kw supplemental electrical heater
•   Weather-guided control
Water temperatures up to 65°C
•   Visual alarm signal
•   Low nose profile (compressor is enclosed in insulating material)
•   Including passive cooling
Circulating and brine pumps at the latest technical standard
•   GSM remote control (optional)
•   220V alternating current
•   Maintenance-free after installation

 Technical Data Sheets

ASW **N1  |  ASW **N3 

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